YOU GET ME — Official Trailer (2017) Bella Thorne Thriller Movie HD

YOU GET ME — Official Trailer (2017) Bella Thorne Thriller Movie HD

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PLOT: Bella Thorne plays the new student of a high school, who has a one-night stand with a local teen boy (played by American Crime’s Taylor John Smith). The problem is, he already has a girlfriend (Paper Towns’ Halston Sage). Regardless, Thorne’s character goes to desperate lengths to be with the boy she loves — even going so far as to commit murder.

CAST: Co-starring Anna Akana, Nash Grier, Rhys Wakefield, and Garcelle Beauvais, «You Get Me» comes from first-time feature director Brent Bonacorso (of the sci-fi short «The Narrow World») and written by MTV’s «Happyland» creator Ben Epstein.

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